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Faced with the global pandemic, the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has sprung into action with Coronation, a film that observes the.

Microsoft leads $16M round into AI data science startup Pachyderm – Pachyderm provides an open-source data science platform that runs on Kubernetes. The platform focuses on a narrow but.

The newly detailed work adds extensions to an available AI technology, giving it the new ability to transform tourist images.

Amazon Prime Video Game Of Thrones Like a business needs strong and efficient employees for its growth, a Tv series also needs good actors who can bring the. Television has never been so popular. TV addicts spent almost half of their waking day tuning into television and online. Let’s be honest, even during the summer months,

At Data Summit Connect 2020, Elliott Ning, cloud advisor, Google, discussed pre-requisites for AI deployments and best.

If the US is going to build a quantum internet and otherwise claim technical supremacy, it’s going to need appropriate.

TikTok’s recommendation algorithm and OpenAI’s language model are exemplars of key tipping points in deep learning.

AAEON and AOTU.AI this week introduced and announce the launch of their new BrainFrame Edge AI Developers Kit. Created for.

Moon landing in HD: NASA’s Apollo 11 remastered by AI in INCREDIBLE detail – MOON landing footage filmed by NASA in 1969 has been restored and upscaled to crisp HD quality using artificial intelligence.