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Some images Photoshop will not let me Save As PNG (and many other formats). This is not too bad; if I need to save in a different format I should be able to copy-paste into a new document. But if I create a new document after working with one of these images, I’m still limited on what formats I can save to, for no apparent reason. In order to get access to the formats I want to save in, I have.

Enregistré une image en Format PNG avec fond transparentI click save as and look for the png option but it isnt there, it was there yesterday as I was saving the same files as a .png. Please help asap

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I have a graphics artist deliver a PSD file with a lot of images in one. Each layer is a PSB file. I need to cut rectangular images from the large list and save in PNG format. Is there a way for me to cut a rectangle out of a very large photoshop file and save it without pasting contents into a new document?