Lien Url Youtube

Last year, YouTube was fined $170 million for collecting data of children without their parent.

So, simply visit their opt.

Trouver le lien URL de votre chaine Youtube facilement.Here’s how you should handle an IRS notice or letter, according to Nina Olson, a longtime taxpayer advocate and tax lawyer.

23/10/2018 · How to Get a YouTube Custom URL. Have you signed up to YouTube and your URL is too messy in your opinion? This article will help you pick your brand new YouTube URL!

Note: You can't edit a custom URL. To claim a new custom URL, delete your existing custom URL. Once removed, a custom URL is free to be claimed by another creator. In general, a YouTube channel may only have one custom URL. Custom URLs can't be transferred between different channels.

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Bonjour, Avec XP je trouvais facilement l'URL d'une video youtube au-dessous de la video, mais avec Windows7 je ne vois pas où trouver cette adresse URL.

It's easy to add a time stamp to the end of the video's URL, something you can do manually or automatically. Then, when the link is clicked and the video opens on YouTube, the video starts at the specific time you choose.